The World’s Best and Most Powerful Gym

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym is the best and most powerful gym in the world. It provides much superior exercise than a full commercial gym.

The Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym is made of high carbon Steel. That means it will last a lifetime. It weighs only 176 lbs. It quickly disassembles and assembles without tools using cam nuts. It disassembles in seconds into 6 pieces which fit into 3 carrying cases. Therefore you can use it at home and then store it in a closet, or take it with you. It’s also perfect for personal trainers who want to make house calls.

It provides the best form of resistance. It provides full-motion, 2-way resistance using nitrogen gas. This type of resistance does not cause muscle soreness or injuries like free weights and weight plate machines.

With the Nitroforce T-1000 Ultra Gym, you build muscle, restore muscle and rapidly lose body fat. It will also correct insulin resistance, which is the major cause of excess body fat.

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