New NASA Space Station Heater-Cooler Gives 50% More Heat than Heaters 7 Times its Size

The GEN40 Super Heater-Cooler produces 50% more heat than the big box heaters that are 7 times its size and weigh 35 lbs. It produces more heat than all 100v infrared heaters on the market.

The GEN40 does not reduce humidity or oxygen like conventional heating sources. It heats the room evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Conventional heating collects heat in the ceiling and the floor is 7 degrees to 10 degrees colder. This also gives you cold feet. You get a healthy, oxygen rich, even heat with the GEN40 and no more cold feet.

The GEN40 also has a cooling mode to cool you in the summer. The GEN40 also has an oscillation feature that moves it up and down and side to side so it covers a wide area with roaring fireplace type heat in minutes and cooling in seconds. It also has a no oscillation mode.

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