1 Hour of this Advanced Workout Burns more Fat than 5 Hours of Aerobic Exercise

The GenesisBODY™ Ultra Home Workout provides High Level Resistance (HLR) exercise but does not require any exercise equipment. All you need is a towel and a chair. It has 2 parts: 1) The GenesisBODY™ Ultra Home Workout™ and 2) The GenesisBODY™ Personalized No Hunger, Fat Flush Diet.

The GenesisBODY™ Ultra Home Workout™ has been clinically proven to burn 5.38 times more extra calories than treadmills, exercise bikes, running and other forms of aerobic exercises. It is an advanced exercise routine scientifically developed over 20 ears. It is clinically proven to reduce 6 inches off your waist in 4 weeks to 6 weeks and flatten your abdomen like a board.

The GenesisBODY™ Personalized No Hunger, Fat Flush Diet will make your weight loss much faster. Your personalized diet will be the diet developed by Cristiana Paul, GenesisBODY™ Lead Nutritionist. It is painless and you never go hungry. You will be eating great tasting food, not typical bland diet food or cardboard-tasting food like the package meal diet programs.

The GenesisBODY™ will also greatly improve your health.

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